About the Innkeepers - Gayla and Keith Hubbard

In 1994, Gayla and Keith were wanting to have a really "cool" vacation and along with the vacation, add a little music to the mix, since Keith's been hammering around with music from around eight years old and has been playing professionally since he was seventeen years old.

They heard about the Eureka Springs Blues Fesival and thought they would give it a try. This started a yearly tradition and they really were bit with the "Eureka Springs BUG". They started adding a fall trip to see the fall foliage, a February trip for Valentine's Day, and New Year's Eve for more Blue's. The rest is history, but finally Gayla and Keith's dream has become a reality and they feel that they have been really blessed.

Keith was a purchasing manager for a company in Fort Worth that distributes broadcasting equipment to radio and television stations as well as sound equipment to companies. He also taught how to run sound equipment at a class at University of Texas at Arlington. Gayla has worked as a Registered Nurse since 1975, primarily in Cardiology.

We always wanted to work together because, "Yes, believe it or not" we are the best of friends. We both wanted something that would enable us to spend more time together and also have less stress. Life's short, you know and we wanted to be able to enjoy our lives more. We chose Eureka Springs because of its location in the beautiful Ozarks and because of the kind of people who live here. It's citizens are diverse, very eclectic, very artistic (Gayla has gotten some of the most beautiful jewelry she owns by local artisans), very intelligent and most of all they are very caring. The streets are safe to walk at night and they feel this is a "charmed" village.

The Ridgeway House has a lots of "grace" and "charm". It is very warm and from the time they walked into the house, it felt like home. It was built in 1908. In 1987 the house was completely renovated. A two story white Colonial Revival with 4 columns and a spiral staircase leading from the first floor verandah to the second floor verandah which is an outstanding place for sipping your morning coffee and sharing in some "outstanding" conversation. All of the original woodwork were saved, restored and reused. The house has 3 guestrooms and 2 three-room suites. All with private bathrooms. It is tastefully decorated and furnished with selected antiques.

The Ridgeway House is a STRESS FREE environment. You can do anything you want to do because the rules of this house are to relax, be catered to, and not have to worry about a thing.

Keith is the chief cook and bottle washer. He runs the house and this is a good thing, because Gayla will honestly let you know, SHE doesn't like to cook. (Her kids will attest to that). She's thrilled that she's not allowed in the kitchen. Keith shines the best when he has a crowd to entertain and knows you are enjoying his culinary delights. The smells are heavenly!!!!!

We have placed our lives in God's hands. We have been blessed and having you as a guest will just add to those blessings.

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